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My artwork intends to connect us with the evocative elements of our surroundings. Each painting is an investigation into the subjective and universal meanings of visual elements surrounding us.

As I study the language of color, line, form, and pattern other subject matter must be excluded if the connection between my paintings and our world is to be made by these visual components alone. To describe the world in a literal way would limit the meaning of my work. Only through non-representational art is it possible to articulate emotional concerns directly. An understanding of line, color, and form gained through the process of painting is a means to understanding and expressing the human experience.

My paintings find their beginnings in line, pattern, and color combinations taken from my environment. I am most pleased when people connect them with feelings, memories, or places. They define themselves within the details of their textures and through the pattern of their whole.

For me imperfection is at the heart of beauty. It is the something askew that attracts us. My work seeks to evoke these mysterious and beautiful revelations.

"There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion."
        Sir Francis Bacon


The Kada Gallery

2632 West 8th St.
Erie, PA 16505


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