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Jesse Corning has lived most of his life in southern Ontario, Canada, and Taos, New Mexico. The artist has also lived in California, Utah, Alberta, Canada, and New York. He currently resides in Houston, Texas.

During his artistic training Jesse Corning thought he had settled on oil painting as his medium. An affinity for texture led him, however, to begin combining materials such as sand with his paints. These materials in combination with oils were sometimes unstable, and traditional canvases hindered what could be achieved texturally, so the artist began to experiment with rigid canvases and plaster as a means to create a stable textural base. 

While using the rigid canvas and plaster solved some problems, it presented new ones. Plaster is not malleable. Where and how it was to be placed all had to be decided in advance. Jesse Corning began investigating a more fluid process for using the plaster and paint together and, in the end, created his own medium.

Ironically, the result of an affinity for texture has resulted in predominantly smooth paintings that retain a great deal of visual texture. This visual texture is created by a process of working back through layers of pigmented plaster, and the gradual, almost mysterious revelation of the final painting is what both fascinates the artist and inspires his continued work.

Jesse Corning's work explores how our understanding of color, texture, and form is influenced by our visual apprehension of our environment. This exploration, shared with us through his painting, aspires to help us each understand us how we, as emotional creatures, perceive and interact with our environment. 


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